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“Swine” Flu…and the beat goes on

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 Thanx! to Dianequiose-4, at DailyMotion, for the timely video.  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9mh9f_swine-flu-1976-propaganda_webcam about the last “Swine flu epidemic” (OMG!!!) 3 years ago.  As you listen, note that Gerald Ford connects the 1976 “Swine Flu” to the 1918 “Spanish” flu; the one I recapped yesterday.

Thanx also to Alex Jones, for the info about Sir Roy Anderson, the UK government “virus expert” on Glaxo-Smith-Kline’s board. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1202389/Government-virus-expert-paid-116k-swine-flu-vaccine-manufacturers.html

Seems Sir Roy’s popularization of “Swine” flu vaccine has done nicely for GSK shareholders, and the recent grant of immunity from suit will stop those pesky victims (like the ones in 1976).







Swine-engineered Flu UPDATE

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I had previously written that Patricia Doyle, DVM, PhD., the author of an article on the *new* swine flu epidemic neatly juxtaposed the 12/2008 “discovery” of 1918 flu genes with the 4/2009 “epidemic”, pointing out that she missed this quote in the December 29 article in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences:

“Kawaoka and his group blended genetic elements from the 1918 flu virus with those of a currently circulating avian influenza virus and tested the variants on ferrets, an animal that mimics human flu infection.”


The good Dr. Doyle did note that “It hasn’t been very long since this discovery was made then the new strain variant showed up in Mexico and the US…”, describing the discovery of “a complex of three genes that, acting in concert with another key gene, allowed the virus to efficiently colonize lung cells and make … a protein necessary for the virus to reproduce” as “Interesting”.  I love sarcasm.

Even more “interesting” is that “In 2004, Kawaoka and his team identified another key gene from the 1918 virus that…makes hemagglutinin, a protein that confers on viral particles the ability to attach to host cells.” 

Recap:  They’ve known for 15 years how to attach to healthy cells a flu that killed tens of millions of people, and five months after they “blend” its genetic elements with “a currently circulating” flu, there’s to be a pandemic.

To put it in technical terms, Duh!

UPDATE:  Rumor has it that vaccinations will be delivered at the end of a gun.

“Swine” flu, indeed.

Take America Back…Where?

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“Take America Back!”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Those of us who “long for the old days”, who “remember when” (regardless of political persuasion, or Party(-animal) status), all want to see a return of the America we grew up in.  So when you see “TABLet”, (“Take America Back Letter”) in a publication called “Roll call”,  that claims to be “the No. 1 Capitol Hill publication in readership among Congressional decision-makers”, published by “Congress.org”, you might be tempted to just sign right up!  After all that’s happened in only the last year, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to sign a “Take America Back Letter”?

Before you do, you might be interested to know that “takeamericaback.org”, the sponsor of the “Take America Back Letter”, is located in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!  Indeed, it turns out that “PrivacyContact.com” – its owner, is located at the same address…in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!

Now, one might think that something like this would matter to a publication called “Roll call”,  that claims to be “the No. 1 Capitol Hill publication in readership among Congressional decision-makers”; after all it IS published by “Congress.org”.

You’d be wrong.   In fact, you’d be wrong to think that “Congress.org” has anything to do with Congress.  “Roll call”‘s publisher, “Congress.org”, has a website registered to a fellow named Mark West, in Fairfax, Virginia.

So, if anyone asks you if you think we should “Take America Back”, ask them “Take it back where???”