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Withholding Evidence; Suborning Perjury. All In A (AUSA’s) Day’s Work

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“Federal prosecutors are supposed to seek justice, not merely score convictions. But a USA TODAY investigation found that prosecutors repeatedly have violated that duty in courtrooms across the nation. The abuses have put innocent people in prison, set guilty people free and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and sanctions.”

A USAToday article (Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/09/22/20100922prosecutor-law-abuse-probe.html#ixzz10NZnQHQg) exposing 201 cases of prosecutorial abuse expresses the belief that “Such abuses, intentional or not, doubtless infect no more than a small fraction of the tens of thousands of criminal cases filed in the nation’s federal courts each year.”
Right.  And who do they think taught these cretins to do it this way?

Foreclosure Fraud

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Various accounts have described how one officer of GMAC Mortgage’s servicing unit has admitted during testimony that, while he signs thousands of affidavits each month in order to affect steps in the foreclosure process, he does not have personal knowledge of certain critical facts in the affidavit which he asserts to be true.

Taken from:

How Serious is the GMAC Problem? Pretty Serious and Not Just GMAC « naked capitalism.

Goldfinger Fed Injects Record $5 Billion Into Goldfinger Stock Market

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$5 billion today, add another $6 billion on Wednesday and Friday, lever up 30 times and you have some $300 billion in free buying given to the Primary Dealers so they can ramp the S&P…