Evil Is As Evil Does

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2013 at 10:39 pm

“Don’t Be Evil”.

That’s the “unofficial” motto of what I refer to as “NSA’s Go ogle”.  As new revelations suggest, perhaps that motto should be “Don’t Be Evil”.  Or, perhaps, just abandon the nugatory word altogether.

Remember, this is the organization that tracks ALL of your websearches (“for a better user experience”, of course), stole wifi data globally (and “stole” is the only proper word for what their “streetmaps” cars did), and sends ads to its email users as if those targeted ads were genuine emails, ALL OF WHICH, because it became (their, not your) “business records”, is now bereft of 4th Amendment protection.  Not to mention the likely sale of (their, not your) information.

It’s not like people haven’t known this. And many have been “creeped out” by the knowledge.  For example, Do a non-Go ogle websearch for “Don’t Be Evil” (I use – and suggest – Startpage).  You’ll find results like “What Is ‘Evil’ to Go oqle? – Ian BOQost- The Atlantic”; “Go oqle burns promise of ‘no big banner ads’ Don’t Be Evil next”; and “Go ogle From “Don’t Be Evil” to Evil Empire? I Mother Jones” (and yes, I added the midword space because I don’t want this post to show up in a redundant search for you-know-who).

Couldn’t get much more “evil” than that, right?


I found this little tidbit in an email (I “subscribe” to a lot of what others might call “junk” or “spam”, simply because I find, amongst all the chaff, kernels of wheat like thishttp://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/08/google_patent_tattoo_a_mobe_microphone_on_your_throat/ .

Yes, that’s right. Having bought a company which was, for all practical purposes, created to be a “defense” contractor, i.e., a black hole that attracts (only) “money” sucked out of productive hands; having “proctologized” (an apt, if uncomfortable, analogy – pun intended) “consumers” (remember, we are “consumers”, sometimes “resources”, but never, ever, ever, people) and having stolen private data, as discussed above, Go ogle “has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a “system and method” to tattoo a mobile-device microphone with lie-detector circuitry onto your throat.” (quoted directly from The Register, which quotes the patent application).

Apparently grasping that their “flexible substrate” (not really a tattoo) might not ultimately be workable, Go ogle suggests that a final form might be “a collar or band that would be worn around the throat [of] a user.”  (again, quoted directly from The Register)

And, as The Register’s article points out, “nowhere in the 4,000-plus word filing does the word “remove” appear.”

Shock collar, anyone?


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