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It really couldn’t be more clear.  We, the People, have lost all control.  Ours is not, and has not been for a very long time, a “government of the people”, although we still claim, and many still believe, it is.

The revelations of the past six months notwithstanding; *they* were already conditioning us, in the Pavlovian sense, for at least several years, to accept that we were, and are, under constant surveillance.  Two examples, “brought to you by” *CBS* and *ABC* (media divisions of “multinational” corporations; see http://goldfingerchronicles.blogspot.com/2013/10/miss-direction-paging-miss-direction.html), are, respectively, “Person of Interest” and “Scandal”.  Each now in its respective third season, had informed us that we are all being watched.  Of course, “Person of Interest” did so from its very first episode, while “Scandal” didn’t spill the beans until its second season.  In a very real “sense”, Snowden’s revelations weren’t “news”.

This is not to say that “the networks of NBC/Universal” (or any other “network” media) are any different.  USA, for example, advertises Law and Order: Special Victims Unit reruns as appealing to those who “like a little flexibility in their Bill of Rights”.  Because that’s what it’s there for, right?

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that within 2 weeks of learning “Obama orders NSA to stop spying on IMF, WorldBank headquarters”, we are told that promises of “transparency” regarding NSA’s criminal activities won’t be kept.

Any cursory examination of the origins of the NSA (and the CIA; DoD, etc.) reveals that it (they) were started by what we’ve been trained to call “elites”; “a scattershot collection of Wall Street brokers, Ivy League eggheads, soldiers of fortune, ad men, news men, stunt men, second-story men, and con men”, Legacy of Ashes, Tim Weiner, DOUBLEDAY, p.4.  It was *they*, that created the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, having intended “Council” also created by the 1947 National Security Act to be ” a mechanism to handle domestic as well as foreign concerns”, Running the World; The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power, David Rothkopf, PUBLIC AFFAIRS (a member of the Perseus Books Group), p. 435.  

That’s us.  “[D]omestic…concerns”.  We’ve been in their crosshairs for longer than I’ve been alive (and likely my preceding generation).


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